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Accurate Translation Services 24/7. Greatest localization enterprise in New York with ability of translating over 100 languages.
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The Importance of Translation in Preventing International Fraud
In any new business relationship, establishing trust is difficult. It can be hard enough to reliably assess the integrity of an unfamiliar party when you speak the same language. With multilingual communication, it can be nearly impossible to feel confident when you’re dealing with someone new. And you’re right to be wary. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), organizations around the world lose 5% — or about $3.5 trillion — Read more about: The Importance of Translation in Preventing International Fraud  »
16.01.2018 - 14:13:47
https://www.morningtrans.com/the-importance-of-translation-in-preventing-interna ...
The Role of Translation in Fighting Climate Change
When the world faces a global threat such as climate change, an all-hands-on-deck approach is required. Evidence of the problem can occur anywhere, and any realistic solution must make sense everywhere. The Paris Agreement The landmark 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change — called by some “the world’s greatest diplomatic success” — was published in all six official United Nations (UN) languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Read more about: The Role of Translation in Fighting Climate Change  »
09.01.2018 - 15:16:03
5 Ridiculous Patents
If you want to patent an invention, it must offer a solution to a problem. Specifically, it must meet the following three conditions: (1) Novelty – at least some aspect of it must be new; (2) Inventive Step – the new aspect/s must not be obvious or easily deduced; (3) Industrial applicability – the invention must be able to be made or used in an industry. We’re not quite sure how the following five U.S. Read more about: 5 Ridiculous Patents  »
03.01.2018 - 16:13:24
14 Ways to Say Happy Holidays
This holiday season, we wanted to make it easier for you to connect with friends, family and co-workers in their native tongues. So check out our fun holiday infographic and learn how to say Happy Holidays in 14 different languages. Enjoy!       Read more about: 14 Ways to Say Happy Holidays  »
19.12.2017 - 14:11:29
Working Through Interpretation Issues in Multilingual Litigation
Litigation involving speakers of multiple languages has become an everyday occurrence. Real-time, consecutive interpretation services may be required for international business disputes, expert testimony, and to meet the needs of an increasingly multi-lingual U.S. society. However, anytime words are handed from one person to another, there’s a potential for problems. Remember playing “telephone” as kids? That game was played between speakers of the same language and usually resulted in some pretty laughable sentences. Read more about: Working Through Interpretation Issues in Multilingual Litigation  »
13.12.2017 - 14:03:31
https://www.morningtrans.com/working-through-interpretation-issues-in-multilingu ...
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