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What is Patent Litigation?
In simple terms, patent litigation is the legal process that unfolds when someone who owns the patent for a particular invention enforces their right by suing another for manufacturing or selling the invention without permission. More often than not, this claim is countered by the accused party who will argue that that particular patent should be deemed invalid. First-to-File The first-to-file system is now universal and used in all countries, Read more about: What is Patent Litigation?  »
17.09.2018 - 17:55:31
Differences in Patent Eligibility Around the World
Two things must always be true when you’re applying for a patent, wherever you are in the world — (1) Your invention must be novel and (2) it must be useful. However, different nations have different definitions of these two requirements based on their cultures, legal systems and business environments. This is especially true for innovations related to software, medical methods and business methods.  To patent or not to patent Though the three fields are quite different, Read more about: Differences in Patent Eligibility Around the World  »
06.09.2018 - 14:37:28
Protecting Your App’s “GUI” at the 5 Most Frequently Filed Patent Offices
Software is everywhere: You’re probably looking at it right now. The onscreen controls you use to operate a software app — known collectively as the “graphic user interface” or GUI — are a critical part of its look and feel, and thus can be an important differentiator in the marketplace. Companies like Samsung, Microsoft and Apple invest considerable resources into the design and function of their GUIs in order to enhance their customers’ user experience/user interface (UX/UI). Read more about: Protecting Your App’s “GUI” at the 5 Most Frequently Filed Patent Offices  »
21.08.2018 - 18:02:24
https://www.morningtrans.com/protecting-your-apps-gui-at-the-5-most-frequently-f ...
Hacks for Finding Foreign Languages in Your eDiscovery Data
A New Morningside Translations Article Featured on the Relativity Blog. Relativity is the most popular eDiscovery platform for lawyers and legal professionals. We recently published a blog on Relativity’s website highlighting three important tricks to quickly identify critical foreign language information. Check it out below.    You are an eDiscovery professional at a big law firm. You sit down at your desk, log into Relativity, and start sifting through documents. Read more about: Hacks for Finding Foreign Languages in Your eDiscovery Data  »
08.08.2018 - 15:27:42
https://www.morningtrans.com/hacks-for-finding-foreign-languages-in-your-ediscov ...
Morningside Translations Launches WordPress Integration Solution
Morningside clients can now seamlessly translate website content via the WPML Plugin   NEW YORK, NY – 08/01/18 – Morningside Translations is pleased to announce that it is now offering seamless WordPress integration to its clients via the WPML plugin. Morningside customers will now be able to send and receive website content for translation without ever leaving the WordPress platform. This multilingual solution will allow clients to seamlessly integrate their WordPress content with Morningside’s industry-leading translation services. Read more about: Morningside Translations Launches WordPress Integration Solution  »
01.08.2018 - 15:16:06
https://www.morningtrans.com/morningside-translations-launches-wordpress-integra ...
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