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Check Out These Ford Focus ST Technology Features
What makes a compact performance hatchback so popular? Take a look at the features crammed into the new Ford Focus ST and you'll begin to understand why this vehicle is so in demand. The Ford Focus ST is working hard to keep you safe behind the wheel, but it also has one feature protecting other motorists as well. The Electronic Brake Assist in the Ford Focus ST is going to help give you added power to stop before a collision or to increase the distance between a car in front of you by applying the brakes evenly. The Belt-Minder front safety belt reminder in the Ford Focus ST will make certain that you and your passenger never get out on the road again with being safely buckled into the vehicle. The Ford Focus ST is on the lot at Ron DuPratt Ford and ready for you to take for a test drive.   New Ford Models  
17.07.2018 - 22:21:45
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/july/17/check-out-these-ford-focus-st-te ...
When to Get a Wheel Alignment and Why You May Need One
You should get a wheel alignment if your wheels have been misaligned or knocked out of place. This can occur if your wheels have hit a curb, made strong contact with a pothole or hit some object on the road with force. It is often easy to feel or spot when your wheels are misaligned. Your car may swerve to the sides when you drive. There may also be uneven tire wear and vibrations throughout the steering wheel. A steering wheel that is turned to the side when your wheels are lined up straight is another sign of misalignment. If you believe your wheels are misaligned, then you should visit our service center here at Ron DuPratt Ford. We are conveniently located in Dixon, CA and can quickly determine whether your wheels need an alignment. If you do require an adjustment, we will professionally and rapidly realign your wheels so that you can drive safely and comfortably on the road once again.
30.06.2018 - 20:32:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/june/30/when-to-get-a-wheel-alignment-an ...
Synthetic or Natural Wax?
Selecting the right wax for your vehicle in Dixon is important to keeping it looking its best. By placing a barrier between the paint on your car and the elements, you can prevent fading and increase the time between washings. Wax is a hydrophobic material that remains solid at room temperature. It can be made from natural products, such as the coating of the carnauba plant or even coal. These products are mixed with various solvents and oils to make them softer and easier to handle. Synthetic wax is made of silicone products. Each wax is different and will provide various levels of protection from the elements. When you're ready to explore your options for wax, visit Ron DuPratt Ford today. We'll show you different products and answer any of your questions about their materials or how to apply them.  
28.06.2018 - 20:27:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/june/28/synthetic-or-natural-wax.htm?loc ...
Get Inside the Ford F-150 Raptor
The Ford F-150 line is the bestselling medium to heavy sized truck in the United States. There are a few reasons for this trucks dominance on the auto scene. Of course, the F-150 is used as a utility vehicle- but the Raptor is the luxe version of the old workhorse. These vehicles have some mods that make them more efficient compared to other trucks in this class. What has drawn so many people to the Raptor is the aluminum pickup bed. This bed contributes to performance in a number of important ways. The first is the fact that it makes the entire vehicle significantly lighter. This takes train off of any moving parts in the vehicle while improving gas mileage at the same time. Get Inside the Ford F-150 Raptor. Visit our showroom in Dixon, CA today!
26.06.2018 - 20:24:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/june/26/get-inside-the-ford-f-150-raptor ...
Ford Edge Technology Features in 2018
Ford wants to give its drivers new confidence in the safety features and technology packed into the Ford Edge. It’s one of the top SUVs for its class because of its interiors as well. With new style and comfort, you get an all new technology package that features the Ford Safe and Smart Package, including front 180-degree cameras, blind spot information system, cross-traffic alerts, and so much more. You can now feel totally confident as you drive as there are so many ways to avoid accidents with the forward collision prevent system and rearview cameras. In addition, you can access everything in your smartphone through the SYNC 3 infotainment system. This allows you to connect to music, navigation, voice assistants, phone calls, and so much more through your car’s center console. You can truly drive without ever having to touch your phone. You can simply use voice commands to navigate and ask Siri or Google Now any question through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Want to see the new Ford Edge in person? You can schedule a test drive at Ron DuPratt Ford located in Dixon, CA to get more information.
24.06.2018 - 20:18:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/june/24/ford-edge-technology-features-in ...
The Ford Flex Offers Your Family the Technology that You All Want
If you are looking for an SUV with room for your family and also good technology features, consider the Ford Flex. This popular three row midsize SUV will keep your family happy with all of the technology features that it offers. If your family members tend to get nervous when you are in difficult parking situations, they will love the fact that the Ford Flex sets you up with help through the Active Park Assist feature. The Intelligent All Wheel Drive feature of the Ford Flex can help your family rest easy as you are driving in all kinds of conditions. The technology features of the Ford Flex can help you stay safe. If you are looking into buying this vehicle, come to Ron DuPratt Ford in Dixon, CA to really get to know it. Our team will show you all of the features of this SUV and allow you to test drive it.
22.06.2018 - 20:12:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/june/22/the-ford-flex-offers-your-family ...
Drive the New Ford Fusion Energi at Ron DuPratt Ford
When Ford wants to try out something new or unique with a midsized sedan they turn the Ford Fusion. While the Ford Fusion is a midsize car, it is also very easy to swap out technology for. This allows Ford to install items like hybrid or electric engines with little change to performance or a bad reception from the consumer market. The Ford Fusion Energi is based on the Fusion but has a hybrid propulsion system. The performance of the Ford Fusion Energi is decent for a hybrid. You will not be racing cars on the strip with this car but it has a decent amount of pep on the freeway. The Fusion Energi handles well and comes with an aircloud suspension system standard. Drive the New Ford Fusion Energi. Visit our showroom in Dixon, CA today!
21.06.2018 - 20:08:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/june/21/drive-the-new-ford-fusion-energi ...
Which Engine Will You Choose for Your F-150?
Life is full of choices, and with the 2018 Ford F-150, you have six to choose from. We here at Ron DuPratt Ford are excited to present some of the options on this popular pickup truck. The TI-VCT V8 provides a lot of muscle to the F-150 with up to 395 horsepower and up to 400 lb.-ft of torque. How does it do that? The engine uses direct injection to deliver the gas at high pressure so that the engine can get the most power from the fuel. Once you’ve decided on the engine, five out of the six feature a 10-speed automatic transmission for enhanced acceleration and performance. These are just some of the features available on the 2018 Ford F-150. We invite you to visit our team to see what options you have and to take a test drive in Dixon.
20.06.2018 - 22:38:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/june/20/which-engine-will-you-choose-for ...
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