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Learning About Proper Car Alignment
When you want to keep your car performing at a high level, making sure that the wheels are properly aligned is an important first step. Wheels can be thrown out of alignment by hitting pot holes, running over curbs, or going off-roading and should be checked frequently. Having your alignment examined every time you get an oil change is an easy way to identify small problems before they can cause extensive damage. Poorly aligned wheels can lead to uneven tire wear, costing you time and creating stress. They can also cause the car to pull to the side when you apply the brakes. Whether you're experiencing a vibration in your steering wheel or have noticed your steering wheel pointing to the side when you drive straight, bring your vehicle to Ron DuPratt Ford in Dixon, CA today to get it aligned.   Schedule Service Now  
10.10.2018 - 19:46:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/october/10/learning-about-proper-car-ali ...
Ford Focus Has Engine Power
Ford Focus is an established brand for consumers looking for a compact car that handles well in city and highway driving and offers great gas mileage. For 2018, the Focus also offers options to boost engine power and give sports car performance. Ford has added high-horsepower options. Dixon drivers enjoy the balance of performance and economy in the compact Focus line. Now they can also select a 350 horsepower 2.3L EcoBoost engine that races from zero to 62 mph in under five seconds. Other power options include the 2.0L EcoBoost – ST Powertrain delivering 252 horsepower. At Ron DuPratt Ford, we are standing by to demonstrate the power options including the electric powered high mileage edition. Our friendly staff can answer your questions about the latest features. While here, we invite you to take a test drive and experience the new Ford Focus first-hand. Call or drop by today.   Browse Our New Inventory  
20.09.2018 - 17:55:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/september/20/ford-focus-has-engine-power ...
The Ford Fusion: Saving You Gas
If you're looking for a vehicle that's smart on energy, then you should check out the Ford Fusion, a popular midsize sedan, is the right vehicle for you. It has several features that can help you cut down on the gas that you have to put into your vehicle every week. The Fusion has EcoGuide gives you real-time feedback on your driving habits and tells you when the way that you are driving is saving on gas. It does this through a display that grows vines as you drive more fuel-efficiently. And since this Fusion is a hybrid, it also tells you various statistics about your driving, and it will let you choose if you want to use gas, electric, or a combination of the two. If you want to learn more about how the Fusion will help you save on gas, come to Ron DuPratt Ford in Dixon for a test drive.   Browse Our New Inventory  
10.09.2018 - 17:55:04
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/september/10/the-ford-fusion-saving-you- ...
The Ford Mustang Can Handle All Kinds of Driving Situations
You are shopping for a sports car and you want to find one that is popular but also easy to drive. The Ford Mustang is a good pick for you because of all of the help that it gives you when it comes to the way that it handles and drives. The way that a sports car handles will affect the way that it feels to drive that car. The Ford Mustang is made to handle well with a special rear suspension system. Braking is important if you are going to feel confident on the road, and you will get all of the braking power that you need with the Mustang. If you are searching for the sports car that will help you feel confident in any situation, consider stopping by our new Ford showroom to find out more about Ford's beautiful Mustang. The team at Ron DuPratt Ford will get you out for a test drive.   Discover the Ford Mustang for Sale  
20.08.2018 - 22:34:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/august/20/the-ford-mustang-can-handle-al ...
The Best Convenience Features of the Ford Flex
If you are looking for the best in convenience when picking out your next SUV, the new Ford Flex is where it's at. This SUV is equipped with some of the most innovative features to take the stress out of driving and let you focus on getting to your destination safely. From an operational standpoint, the ability to open the back door without keys or hands is especially nice. You have more room for your cargo with the easy-fold back row of seats. If you are packing in extra passengers, there are 10 cup holders throughout the SUV. Storage pockets in the front row of seats make traveling a breeze. You can also store important items in the lockable glove box in the first row of seats. Enjoy extra storage in the armrests of the third seat row. Test drive the Ford Flex at Ron DuPratt Ford to explore even more features.   Find the Ford Flex for Sale  
06.08.2018 - 22:34:27
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/august/6/the-best-convenience-features-o ...
Choose to Purchase a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
You have the power to choose any vehicle that you would like to purchase and you need to learn all that you can about the options that are open to you. Know that the Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that are out there are top-quality. Ron DuPratt Ford is here to set you up with a vehicle that will get you where you need to go, and all Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are fully inspected before they are sold so that you can trust them. When you purchase a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, you will be given a CarFax report related to that vehicle. You should be careful about choosing a vehicle to purchase. The team here can help you consider your options. We can show you how a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle will work for you. Contact us today if you would like to take a pre-owned vehicle for a test drive.   Certified Pre-Owned Ford for Sale  
27.07.2018 - 22:21:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/july/27/choose-to-purchase-a-ford-certif ...
Check Out These Ford Focus ST Technology Features
What makes a compact performance hatchback so popular? Take a look at the features crammed into the new Ford Focus ST and you'll begin to understand why this vehicle is so in demand. The Ford Focus ST is working hard to keep you safe behind the wheel, but it also has one feature protecting other motorists as well. The Electronic Brake Assist in the Ford Focus ST is going to help give you added power to stop before a collision or to increase the distance between a car in front of you by applying the brakes evenly. The Belt-Minder front safety belt reminder in the Ford Focus ST will make certain that you and your passenger never get out on the road again with being safely buckled into the vehicle. The Ford Focus ST is on the lot at Ron DuPratt Ford and ready for you to take for a test drive.   New Ford Models  
17.07.2018 - 22:21:45
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/july/17/check-out-these-ford-focus-st-te ...
When to Get a Wheel Alignment and Why You May Need One
You should get a wheel alignment if your wheels have been misaligned or knocked out of place. This can occur if your wheels have hit a curb, made strong contact with a pothole or hit some object on the road with force. It is often easy to feel or spot when your wheels are misaligned. Your car may swerve to the sides when you drive. There may also be uneven tire wear and vibrations throughout the steering wheel. A steering wheel that is turned to the side when your wheels are lined up straight is another sign of misalignment. If you believe your wheels are misaligned, then you should visit our service center here at Ron DuPratt Ford. We are conveniently located in Dixon, CA and can quickly determine whether your wheels need an alignment. If you do require an adjustment, we will professionally and rapidly realign your wheels so that you can drive safely and comfortably on the road once again.
30.06.2018 - 20:32:00
http://www.ronduprattford.com/blog/2018/june/30/when-to-get-a-wheel-alignment-an ...
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