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Memoirs from Valkyria Chronicles 4‘s very good boy and big ol’...
Memoirs from Valkyria Chronicles 4‘s very good boy and big ol’ vinyl tank statue ⊟ The latest bid to get you to spend extra $$$ for ancillary items is this Memoirs from Battle Premium Edition for Valykria Chronicles 4. Priced at $99, the bundle offers two DLC adventures featuring characters from the original Valkyria Chronicles, a 100-page “artbook themed as Claude’s travel journal from the game, and a replica of his mighty tank, the Hafen.” You can preorder the limited edition now from Amazon for Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.Or you can just preorder the standard edition (with Amazon Prime’s usual 20% discount), which still includes the most important part of the strategy RPG, brave rescue dog Ragnarok:Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases across the three major platforms in North America and Europe this fall.THE NEW CLUB TINY IS HERE Support Tiny Cartridge!
23.05.2018 - 18:10:38
Deep Breaths in the Wild: Meditations in Hyrule ⊟ One habit...
Deep Breaths in the Wild: Meditations in Hyrule ⊟ One habit that’s stuck, amongst the dozens I tried to adopt in this year full of self-improvement efforts, is taking a walk during my lunch breaks at work, 10- to 20-minute strolls around the nearby business park’s lots with a guided meditation app* piped through my headphones.I feel refreshed after these breaks, and contemplative – in a rare non-self-judgmental way, even – with these deep thought sessions. The app’s teachers talk me through mindfulness exercises, and I can feel the cumulative impact of these daily introspections inclining me toward gratitude and empathy. Being outside is nice, too, even when I have to wear a rain jacket, or avoid leavings from geese who’ve made the grassy sections of this lot their home.During one of those walks, when a breeze brushed my face just right and I could hear its whisper even through the reassuring voice coming through my earbuds, it took my mind to a favorite hushed spot in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Rabia Plain, just northeast of Kakariko Village. I spent a lot of time there appreciating its peaceful ponds and running through the tall grass, trying to complete Kass’s Crowned Beast quest, distant notes from his accordion floating with the area’s environmental soundscape.That same afternoon, I tweeted the need for:While that app doesn’t exist, I’ve come across similar experiences that isolate the game’s placid scenes into potential meditation opportunities. The video at the top of this post, for example, is from Jack Smith; he has a series of Switch Slow TV videos, in which he shares “moments of calm and tranquility” from games like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and even Splatoon 2.Even those short clips are enough to sedate me, to transport me to a more quiet existence. Lewis Gordon wrote a great relevant piece on BOTW as an ambient video game that helps players chill: “In the evening I sit on the couch, letting the colours and sounds of the digital world wash over me, allowing my brain to slowly decompress. It’s a relaxation activity that slips nebulously into self-care, the video game equivalent of putting an ambient record on.”You can find longer videos on Youtube from others who had the same vision of the game’s pastoral areas and soundtracks as meditation tools. Obi Joan produced a “Zen of the Wild” playlist with 7- to 15-minute videos panning through gentle locations from the Great Plateau to the Lost Woods:Dire Boar’s “Sounds of the Wild” series offers even longer videos (22+ minutes):My ideal app would combine these scenes with the Meditation 101 audio lessons I’ve been taking. You can see what I’m going for by opening two tabs in your browser, using one of them to play this guided meditation on the RAIN technique (Recognize / Allow / Investigate / Non-Identifying), which has softened difficult days for me. In the other tab, open Dire Boar’s “Temple of Time (Rain)” video with the volume at 30%. It’s a relaxing pairing. Since I can’t offer you an app that doesn’t exist, here’s another pitch: If playing Breath of the Wild helped you experience an uncommon sense of serenity and presence that you wish you could have in other parts of your life, try meditating a few times this week. You can use these longer videos I’ve linked, or try out a guided meditation while you walk – the app mentioned in the footnotes has 10 exercises dedicated to when you’re out and about.Maybe you won’t find the peace you’re looking for the first time or two you try it, but that’s okay. Keep at it, and remember it’s just mind training, not magic.*I use the Buddhify app because $2.99 was more palatable than Headspace’s monthly or annual subscription fees when I decided to see if I could make mindfulness a new routine, and not something I’d abandon as quick as I picked it up. I also appreciate that it’s a small, family-run company, and that Buddhify values having a diverse team of teachers. You can try out a few free sample sessions on Soundcloud.BUY Breath of the Wild: Creating a Champion artbook, BOTW Link Nendoroid
22.05.2018 - 20:32:50
Sleep Tight, West of Loathing, Gal Metal release updates!...
Sleep Tight, West of Loathing, Gal Metal release updates! ⊟ Here, three totally unrelated Switch release date announcements, in the same post because I wanted to make sure you all saw them.First, West of Loathing, the comedy RPG, will be out May 31.West of Loathing is a single-player slapstick comedy adventure role-playing game set in the wild west of the Kingdom of Loathing universe. Traverse snake-infested gulches, punch skeletons wearing cowboy hats, grapple with demon cows, and investigate a wide variety of disgusting spittoons.Second, Sleep Tight will be on Switch and PC July 26. That’s the base-building shooter about kids building pillow forts to defend against nightmares. Finally, Gal Metal will be out in North America and Europe in the fall. It’s hard to forget a title like “Gal Metal,” but just in case, that’s the rhythm action drumming metal game!THE NEW CLUB TINY IS HERE Support Tiny Cartridge!
22.05.2018 - 17:03:18
Catch up on some Yakuza writing ⊟Quick weekend post! I wrote a...
Catch up on some Yakuza writing ⊟Quick weekend post! I wrote a bunch about Yakuza 6 and the series in general a while back, some of it elsewhere, which you may want to read if you missed it!First, I ranked all of the Yakuza games up to (but not including) 6 for Polygon. You almost certainly won’t agree with me. Then, an account of how seeing Kazuma Kiryu take care of a baby in Yakuza 6 brought up memories of learning to be a parent.Meanwhile, here, I wrote a sort of review thing of Yakuza 6, and a piece about its cool arcade.Anyway, Yakuza is good!- BUY Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza 6 After Hours Premium, Standard
20.05.2018 - 00:32:07
Wow, this 2D Neptunia game ⊟Idea Factory’s next Neptunia RPG is...
Wow, this 2D Neptunia game ⊟Idea Factory’s next Neptunia RPG is trying a few different things: first, it’s being developed by a different studio (Canada’s Artisan Studios); second, it’s employing hand-drawn 2D artwork; finally, it’s going to be on the Switch (and PS4)! All of these changes result in me wanting to check back in with the series.The side-scrolling dungeon RPG (?) Super Neptunia RPG will be out this fall.THE NEW CLUB TINY IS HERE Support Tiny Cartridge!
18.05.2018 - 15:42:48
Let’s catch up with PICO-8 and feed some ducks 🦆Though we...
Let’s catch up with PICO-8 and feed some ducks 🦆Though we haven’t talked about the PICO-8 platform for making, sharing, and playing tiny games (all built into the cute PocketCHIP handheld), the community continues to put out curious releases for the “fantasy console.”If you want to dive right into what’s been going on in the PICO-8 scene and its standout releases, our friend and Club Tiny member Tony just brought Pico Chat out of hiatus, an appropriately brief podcast dedicated to the platform. Listen to it here or check it out on Anchor for links to the games discussed:This episode introduced me to the wonderfully silly Feed the Ducks, which I won’t spoil but will tell you to stick through its seemingly simple screens in the first few minutes. Being a PICO-8 game, you can play it for free in your browser.THE NEW CLUB TINY IS HERE Support Tiny Cartridge!
17.05.2018 - 21:27:58
Go Vacation is back? On Switch? ⊟We’re used to Wii U ports by...
Go Vacation is back? On Switch? ⊟We’re used to Wii U ports by now – here come the Wii ports! Which, honestly, is also cool. Go Vacation is a multiplayer sports minigame thing with around 50 different activities, all set on the now-hilariously named Kawawii Island.Nintendo will publish this Bandai Namco-developed game on July 27. I feel like Wii games, like Wii U games, have a better chance of discovering an audience on Switch. Wii U games were ignored by nature of nobody having a Wii U; many Wii games were ignored because, even though everybody had a Wii, nobody liked to admit they did and people studiously avoided new games for it.THE NEW CLUB TINY IS HERE  Support Tiny Cartridge!
17.05.2018 - 14:22:58
Detective Jake Hunter returns to America this year ⊟Almost a...
Detective Jake Hunter returns to America this year ⊟Almost a year after the surprise Anime Expo announcement, Aksys Games has offered a Fall 2018 release date for Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of Dusk, the 3DS iteration of the Japanese detective game series dating back to the Famicom.A homeless man’s accidental death draws hard-nosed detective Jake Hunter into the shadow of a mysterious mansion—but all is not as it appears at the seemingly innocuous crime scene, and Jake can’t shake the hunch that something is amiss. With the help of an old friend, Jake works to get to the bottom of the crime and uncover the true culprit’s identity. But when the mansion’s owner comes to Jake with a new proposal, things take a turn for the bizarre as dark secrets are forced from the shadows. Now, it’s up to Jake to track down the source of the madness.Despite the serious nature of the main story, it’s not all grim: this screenshot sent by Aksys suggests the return of the comedic bonus episodes (called “Jake Hunter Unleashed” last time).BUY Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past
17.05.2018 - 13:39:10
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