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Website to download Australian legal agreements, templates and forms. Will kit, power of attorney form, residential lease, vacation rental agreement, etc.
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Don’t Get Scammed by Fake Trademark Registration Agencies!
If you’ve just registered your Trademark with IP Australia – beware. There’s a nasty little scam going around. You may receive a letter that looks like this: This fake Trademark registration agency is trying to charge you 955 Euros to file your Trademark in Europe. The letter looks legit – it will have an image ... more » © Copyright 2018 Legal123.com.au
10.01.2016 - 20:45:04
3 Ways to Protect Your Holiday Rental Property
Are you considering renting out your property over the holidays? Your property is probably one of your most valuable assets, so you’ll want to protect it. After all, you’re allowing strangers to stay in it and use it. Here are our top 3 recommended ways to protect you and your holiday rental property: 1. Use ... more » © Copyright 2018 Legal123.com.au
10.12.2015 - 20:30:10
10 Lessons Learned from Starting an Online Business
This article by Vanessa Emilio has been a big success with the Flying Solo online business community, so we’ve decided to re-publish it on the Legal123 blog. We hope it helps you with your startup business. Starting your own online business can be exciting – but daunting. Researching lessons learned by others who were in ... more » © Copyright 2018 Legal123.com.au
17.11.2015 - 20:30:36
Are You Accidentally Sending Spam? You Need to Pass These 8 Tests
I know, I know. We’ve talked about this before. But it’s getting worse! Today, I received a spam email – unsolicited and promoting a service. But in the footer of that email it stated “This email is not spam” and then the sender spent the next paragraph explaining why his email was NOT spam. Heavens! ... more » © Copyright 2018 Legal123.com.au
17.09.2015 - 21:30:16
Are Your Terms and Conditions Too Strict?
How to attract customers has to be one of the hardest issues facing new online businesses. In your search for the perfect online business model, don’t overlook your humble Terms and Conditions notice. Yours might be too “strict” and scaring off potential customers – and ultimately holding back the growth of your business. On the ... more » © Copyright 2018 Legal123.com.au
11.09.2015 - 02:40:29
Should I Trademark It?
When choosing a name for your business, product or service you might want to keep Trademark issues in mind. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time and money promoting that name. Can the name be Trademarked? Almost any letter, word, signature, numeral, device, brand, colour or sound can be registered as ... more » © Copyright 2018 Legal123.com.au
08.09.2015 - 21:30:07
3 Things You Should Know About Business Names, Company Names and Trademarks
This article by Vanessa Emilio has been a big success with the Flying Solo online business community, so we’ve decided to re-publish it on the Legal123 blog. We hope it helps you with your startup business. There is a lot of confusion out there about the difference between Business Names, Company Names and Trademarks. Here’s ... more » © Copyright 2018 Legal123.com.au
12.07.2015 - 21:45:52
Vanessa Emilio Talks About Startup Legals on Empowered Women Show
Casey Lightbody, founder of Empowered Women, was kind enough to interview Vanessa Emilio for her podcast series last week. You can listen to the interview by pressing the orange start button in the player above. Some of the topics discussed included: Who is using online legal services? What growing pains did Legal123 go through during ... more » © Copyright 2018 Legal123.com.au
05.07.2015 - 21:45:18
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