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A hearty welcome back to Stupidly Simple Snacks with Amy Cao. If...
A hearty welcome back to Stupidly Simple Snacks with Amy Cao. If you’ve never watched one of Amy’s videos, check out the new one. To enjoy the revived series you need be neither stupid nor simple, but you should probably like snacks… amyblogschow: Stupidly Simple Snacks is back. After eight months, Stupidly Simple Snacks is back in action with new episodes airing weekly. (Watch the new episode here.) Huge thanks to my friends Hannah and Oleg of Schnitzel & Things for showing me how to make matzo brei. Matzo brei is a traditional Jewish breakfast and snack dish that’s especially popular during Passover. Learn more about Schnitzel & Things on their website and say hi on Twitter! As many of you know, I began working with Foodspotting earlier this year, so I decided to devote my time learning the ropes and put SSS on hold for bit. I wouldn’t trade my team or job for the world, but I’m also mighty pleased to bring back snack-making! Please enjoy, and subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss a thing ♥
26.07.2011 - 00:10:37
Here’s Laura’s update from...
Here’s Laura’s update from Nathan’s! lauraleu: Today I competed in the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition, and this was my view from the stage. I ate 8.5 dogs and finished 3rd…to last. Backstory.
05.07.2011 - 01:20:19
On Monday, I’ll be competing in the Nathan’s Famous...
On Monday, I’ll be competing in the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition. As you can see, becoming a competitive eater has not been pretty. Check out the essay I wrote for Salon on my journey from eating enthusiast to Bunnette to professional gorger.  And you can see more of my ugly eating faces tomorrow at 11:25 AM (EST) on ESPN3.com, which is streaming live video of the first-ever women’s division. They’ll also be showing highlights from the ladies’ contest during the noon hour on ESPN. I’ll do my best to suppress my gag reflex.
03.07.2011 - 19:46:27
We’re giving away Candwiches! More info at the end of this...
We’re giving away Candwiches! More info at the end of this post.ADAM: Usually this blog charts our mission to eat a meal from every nation in the world without leaving New York City. But for this post we’re taking a slight detour to eat a meal that we’re pretty sure comes from the future. Or, if you’d prefer to believe the shipping label: West Jordan, Utah. We’re talking, of course, about Candwich, the famed Sandwich in a Can, which got the interwebs all abuzz when it was announced last year. Well, that meal tube is finally on sale. And always eager to try a product whose packaging can simultaneously boast both “Extended Shelf Life!” and also “Great for School Lunch!” we had a four-pack delivered to our door. LAURA: The pull-tab opened with a “pop,” as if you were opening a can of tennis balls and not, say, lunch. We were disappointed to see that the sandwich was not pre-made. You get the bread, a knife and squeeze packs of PB and J. For a “convenient” lunch option, this sandwich is exhausting! On the plus side, it also came with a ready-to-eat Laffy Taffy and a packet of FreshPax which helps it stay shelf-stable for over a year. Mmmm, chemical drying agents… ADAM: And instead of getting normal slices of bread, you get what is essentially a hot dog bun. The bun is heavy and moist in a slightly disturbing way, but its most noticeable characteristic is its odor. Think of the smell of a WonderBread bun, then times it by roughly a bajallion. That’s what Candwich bread smells like. LAURA: Once inside our mouths, the peanut butter and jelly tasted fine, but the bread was unnaturally moist and frankly gave me the heebies-jeebies chewing it. Maybe my palate was just too refined, though, because the packaging claims that “Kids love them!” Then again, kids also love eating paste and boogers.ADAM: There’s way too much bread for the amount of peanut butter and jelly, and the whole thing quickly condenses into an unpleasant wad in your mouth. Basically, this is a canned good, except without the “good” part. That being said, if I was stranded in a bomb shelter and all the other food in the world was tainted with radioactive fallout? Sure, I’d eat it. Is that a quote they might want to put on their packaging? BONUS: We’re giving away our excess Candwiches! To win one, just reblog this post on Tumblr and/or go to our Facebook page and “like” the link to this article. We’ll randomly choose two winners and mail them their shelf-stable prize/punishment.And for more food hilarity, kindly check out our other website I Want You Inside Me.
20.06.2011 - 14:24:00
Hey everybody! We’re working on some more Navigeating, but...
Hey everybody! We’re working on some more Navigeating, but in the meantime, we wanted to share another food blog we started called I Want You Inside Me. The site is pretty simple: We take a shot of delicious food and then scrawl words on it. (As lovingly illustrated above.) It’s kind of like a culinary Perez Hilton. Except we won’t be drawing penises on pictures of ham sandwiches. Yet. Check it out at IWYIM.com.
16.06.2011 - 20:17:09
Turkey via Ft. Greene, Brooklyn: The Country Makes A House Call
LAURA: Let’s talk Turkey. You know a country that shares its name with a delicious game bird is...
19.05.2011 - 19:57:00
Happy Valentine’s Day! Instead of chocolates, we got you...
Happy Valentine’s Day! Instead of chocolates, we got you these fungus-encrusted worm corpses. And they say romance is dead. Adding to our list of Chinese Aphrodisiacs, the Cordyceps Sinesis, or Caterpillar Fungus, is a parasitic mushroom that kills moth larvae and uses their carcasses to grow its spindly fungus body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps are used to treat impotence and waning libido. In fact, in a clinical trial of 243 men and woman who suffered from low sexual desire, 64% of those who ate the mummified bug mushroom experienced a boost in horniness. Apparently, the sac fungus stimulates the secretion of testosterone and relaxes the corpus cavernosum of the penis (the smooth muscle), allowing blood to enter and produce what is clinically known as a RAGING BONER. The crusty little buggers can be brewed in tea, stirred into soup or ground up and sprinkled on cereal. Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy (where we bought our deer antler) sells it for $800 per 38 grams. So it may be more expensive than a bouquet of roses, but when you care enough to say “I wanna bang you all night long, baby,” caterpillar fungus is the Valentine’s gift that truly keeps on giving (in bed). Previously: Watch us test out other Chinese aphrodisiacs.
14.02.2011 - 17:30:37
For Valentine’s Day, we tested out some Chinese...
For Valentine’s Day, we tested out some Chinese aphrodisiacs: Deer Antler, Shark Fin Soup and Bird’s Nest Soup. You figure they’ve got to at least kinda work—how else did China end up with so many people?
09.02.2011 - 17:22:06
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