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DCU Rebirth Week 1:Everything’s been good so far. The...
DCU Rebirth Week 1:Everything’s been good so far. The books let you keep up with where the characters are now, but just the essential things you need to know after New 52. They establish the new status quo and propel the story forward with interesting directions for the characters.Summary (Spoilers)Superman: ‘Our Superman is dead and cannot be revived so you have to be Superman again"Green Arrow: The mere presence of Black Canary brings back the Green Arrow we love (the JLU version, not the Smallville version)Green Lanterns: 2 rookie GLs are the protectors of Earth, so it’s the perfect time for the Red Lanterns to attack. (Please introduce Razer!)Batman: Batman has a new employee, symbolic rebirth bla bla bla. It read good, but it’s nothing new, I guess. (making it my least favorite of the batch.
05.06.2016 - 07:25:18
The Martian Movie and Our Real Journey to Mars
nasa: The Martian movie is set 20 years in the future, but here at NASA we are already developing many of the technologies that appear in the film. The movie takes the work we’re doing and extends it into fiction set in the 2030s, when NASA astronauts are regularly traveling to Mars and living on the surface. Here are a few ways The Martian movie compares to what we’re really doing on our journey to Mars: Analog Missions MOVIE: In the film, Astronaut Mark Watney is stranded on the Red Planet. REALITY: In preparation for sending humans to Mars, we have completed one of the most extensive isolation missions in Hawaii, known as HI-SEAS. The goal of this study was to see how isolation and the lack of privacy in a small group affects social aspects of would-be explorers. The most recent simulation was eight months long, and the next mission is planned to last a year. Spaceport MOVIE: The Martian movie launches astronauts on the Aries missions from a refurbished and state of the art space center. REALITY: Currently, the Ground Systems Development and Operations’ primary objective is to prepare the center to process and launch the next-generation vehicles and spacecraft designed to achieve our goals for space exploration. We are not only working to develop new systems, but also refurbishing and upgrading infrastructure to meet future demands. Deep Space Propulsion MOVIE: In the film, the astronauts depart the Red Planet using a propulsion system know as the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV). REALITY: We are currently developing the most powerful rocket we’ve ever built, our Space Launch System (SLS). Once complete, this system will enable astronauts to travel deeper into the solar system than ever before! The RS-25 engines that will be used on the SLS, were previously utilized as the main engine on our space shuttles. These engines have proven their reliability and are currently being refurbished with updated and improved technology for our journey to Mars. Mission Control MOVIE: In the movie, Mission Control operations support the Aries 3 crew. REALITY: On our real journey to Mars, Mission Control in Houston will support our Orion spacecraft and the crew onboard as they travel into deep space. Habitat MOVIE: The artificial living habitat on Mars in The Martian movie is constructed of industrial canvas and contains an array of life support systems. REALITY: The Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA), formerly known as the Deep Space Habitat, is a three-story module that was designed and created through a series of university competitions. Studies conducted in habitat mockups will allow us to evolve this technology to create a reliable structures for use on Mars. Rover MOVIE: The characters in the film are able to cruise around the Red Planet inside the Mars Decent Vehicle (MDV). REALITY: We are currently developing a next generation vehicle for space exploration. Our Mars Exploration Vehicle (MEV) is designed to be flexible depending on the destination. It will have a pressurized cabin, ability to house two astronauts for up to 14 days and will be about the size of a pickup truck. Harvest MOVIE: Astronaut Mark Watney grows potatoes on Mars in The Martian movie. REALITY: We’re already growing and harvesting lettuce on the International Space Station in preparation for deep space exploration. Growing fresh food in space will provide future pioneers with a sustainable food supplement, and could also be used for recreational gardening during deep space missions. Spacesuit MOVIE: The spacesuit worn by astronauts in the film allows them to work and function on the surface of Mars, while protecting them from the harsh environment. REALITY: Prototypes of our Z-2 Exploration Suit are helping to develop the technologies astronauts will use to live and work on the the Martian surface. Technology advances in this next generation spacesuit would shorten preparation time, improve safety and boost astronaut capabilities during spacewalks and surface activities.  
06.10.2015 - 05:58:25
textsfromsuperheroes: Celebrate Batman Day with the Best of Batman on Texts From Superheroes
textsfromsuperheroes: Celebrate Batman Day with the Best of Batman on Texts From Superheroes
27.09.2015 - 18:24:37
DC Comics Cafe, Singapore
eataku: Over the past few years, Marvel has had great success opening pop-up cafes with our characters around Asia. Now, it seems that DC has decided to not only follow our lead, but to one up us, by opening an impressive, and permanent, DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe inside the Marina Bay Sands here in Singapore last week… The place is massive! It’s actually three different shops all under one roof; a retail outlet, a coffee & cake shop, and a sit-down restaurant. Above you see the entrance to the restaurant, below the cafe and store… Here’s a look at the overall experience, starting with the coffee shop… Harley on the signage, but Wonder Woman logos on the pie… Nothing screams “Batman!” like apple pie… Something you’re not telling us, Clark…? The restaurant has smartly-designed booths devoted to many of DC main characters… I love the pattern on these chairs and wanted to take one home! Batman and Catwoman salt & pepper shakers… As well as Super Friends S & P… And a quick look at the DC Cafe’s menu; some of these naming choices cracked a lot of people at the press event up… Not sure I fully understand “Catwoman into Tuna”…?! Huh? Poor Krypto… While we were there early for the event and not much food was being served, the one thing we did get to see were these cool black-bunned Batman Burgers… While we were told these were made from 100% wagyu beef, the slime and barnacles you can see on the burgers below made me thing otherwise. I didn’t try one, but the folks who did wished they hadn’t. Holy Bat Barf!! One final thing that’s interesting to note is that while DC Publishing still seems stuck on continuing with their New 52 characters and costumes, DC Licensing must feel differently as most of the art featured around the cafe was either classic or evergreen… As a comic fan, even one who works for Marvel, I was thrilled to see the effort that WB/DC has put into building not only their brand here, but the super hero genre as a whole, and thoroughly enjoyed checking the place out today! DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 2 Bayfront Avenue, Bay Level Singapore +65-6688-7610 https://www.facebook.com/DCSHCafe
11.09.2015 - 08:30:08
tomshardy: I want to assemble a task force of the most dangerous...
tomshardy: I want to assemble a task force of the most dangerous people on the planet who I think can do some good.
16.07.2015 - 21:10:56
henrycavilledits: Henry Cavill [Man of Steel] Charcoal Portrait
henrycavilledits: Henry Cavill [Man of Steel] Charcoal Portrait
16.07.2015 - 21:06:40
It was around this time 2 years ago when i was reading a...
It was around this time 2 years ago when i was reading a friend’s tweets about collecting Minions. Being in the industry, I am fascinated about how successful these little yellow toys were (considering the characters were not the star of their movies). Demand for the toys was weirdly high, and the supply was dwindling. My friend was halfway already but I can see some of the toys starting to run out. Having collected toys since 2005, I knew this was a bad sign.My friend and I have gone out a few times before this, and I knew she was going through a rough time. I did’t want one of the few things that made her happy to disappoint her again. I knew she needed help so I offered to buy her one minion in her list. She was so grateful she named the minion Kevin.A few days passed and she had 2 left. At that point, I knew that if she continued her pace, she would have a really hard time looking for them. So at 10pm, I grabbed my keys and went to the nearest McDonald’s since I knew that one of the missing minions was available there. When I got there, everything was sold out.In the car, I hunted online for clues on where to find the missing minions. 30 minutes of searching led me to an Instagram post comment saying that new stocks might be available in a store opening in Banawe. I realized it was too far so I decided to go home. However, I found myself turning to the other direction. I had 8 years of experience in toy hunting and I always got what I wanted; I couldn’t fail her, I thought.When I finally reached the store, it was not officially open yet. It was already midnight and I didn’t know where else to look. It was hopeless but I thought that since I was already that far, I could check out the stores in the area. I scouted 3 more McDonalds branches but they were all sold out. At 2 am, I was slowly driving home asking myself why I was doing this. Why was I doing this for her?The next day, I decided to spend my holiday to go toy hunting with her. Hunter mode was on: I planned an efficient sweep from her house to the mall where we were supposed to watch a movie. On our second store, I could feel her disappointment, and it felt much worse for me to see her like that. i was more determined than ever to find those damn minions (and prayed harder for a miracle).With our limited time together, I pinpointed which stores won’t be easily accessible to people and went there. Finally, we got one of the minions and she was so genuinely happy, like a little kid opening a gift on Christmas morning. She gave me a hug and it was the hug that changed everything.We ended the day obviously having completed the whole collection (in the last store as fate has decided). A month later, she revealed how things changed with her too after that day.Yes, this isn’t really about those minions (which you could easily buy anywhere now), but those minions were an important part of our story. It was funny, and even childish, but it was an experience that at least made us both realize things about us. It was a story of friendship, determination, hope and teamwork formed out of a simple treasure hunt game.Two years later, I watched her once again open 10 gifts like a little kid on Christmas morning. And I got the same special hug, the hug I’ve always been getting since then.
25.06.2015 - 22:42:37
thisisthestartofhowitallends:Believe in yourself!
thisisthestartofhowitallends:Believe in yourself!
14.03.2015 - 17:09:52
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