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Oh, hey! It’s been such a long lovely day I almost forgot to mention that 12 years ago I married my favorite human on the planet.
16.06.2018 - 06:30:08
There are few satisfactions more satisfying than finishing a good book. 📚
14.06.2018 - 02:55:36
Colin Walker is a Survivor. I’m thankful for him and everyone willing to stand up and be visible.
13.06.2018 - 14:15:17
We Need You.
We need you to be proud. We need you to replace the word “sufferer” with the word “survivor”. We need you to avoid speaking of yourself as a mental illness sufferer. We need to tell people that you are a mental illness survivor. We need you to tell the world “I’m a survivor”. We need … Continue reading "We Need You."
13.06.2018 - 01:34:43
Suicide is not giving up, it is not a selfish act. It is losing a long awful battle with your own mind. But please respect that person fought every day. Every day. — Mike Montero has some things to tell you about suicide.
12.06.2018 - 03:23:05
“Everyone was born to ride unicorns. Not just she, but everyone.” — Beatrix, age 10, has thoughts about the exclusionary nature of some Instagram memes.
10.06.2018 - 23:40:31
“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to be yourself.” — Thich Nhat Hanh
10.06.2018 - 15:26:15
Two sides of a sunset.
09.06.2018 - 06:05:44
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