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The more you enter, and more often, the better your chances of winning. Simply put, if only two people enter a sweeps, then you have a one in two chance of winning. Or, in other words, a 50% chance of winning. If 10,000 people enter, and you only have one entry in 10,000. It’s still possible for you to win, but less likely.
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Christina’s Dream Wedding – Confessions of a First Time Contest Enterer
Weddings are expensive. Honestly, it was a fluke that I found the contest at all. I recently got engaged in December and my good friend sent me information on a wedding expo she said I HAD to go to.
05.03.2013 - 16:38:08
12 Steps to Becoming a Successful Contester
Contesting is like a ladder that has many steps. We will go through the steps in order so that you, too, may become a better contester using the proper keys to success.
05.11.2012 - 12:33:17
My Contesting Job
Have I told you about my contest job? It comes with the greatest perks anybody could ever ask for!
29.10.2012 - 10:10:17
I Heard a Rumor
So what exactly was the controversy? Well the winner of this contest had over 500 tickets into the contest that were gained from sharing through her friends.
22.10.2012 - 10:09:07
Social Media Basics for Joining Online Contests
Nowadays, joining online contests does not require you to merely email your name and contact details and wait for the contest organizers to announce the winners.
21.10.2012 - 20:07:59
The Top 5 Must-Read Books for Sweepstakers
Whether you want to learn how to start this hobby and become successful, or you are looking for new tips and ideas that you might have not come around yet, the following books have you covered.
31.08.2012 - 13:05:45
Facebook Cheating – How to Identify Cheaters Who Use Facebook Vote Exchange
Learn how Facebook vote exchange works and what are the best ways of identifying the cheaters.
23.08.2012 - 13:00:55
Win Some Money and Have a Unique Experience for Free
Second Life Sweepstakes are run exactly the same way as normal official sweepstakes with Rules & Regulations, except that only Second Life Residents are eligible. This limitation strongly increases the odds of winning.
19.07.2012 - 07:25:33
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