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tenderlock: how about instead of ever reblogging a single picture of carrie in that fucking gold...
tenderlock: how about instead of ever reblogging a single picture of carrie in that fucking gold bikini you reblog this instead?
27.12.2017 - 14:54:57
Avengers Infinity War - Trailer“All roads lead to this,” to...
Avengers Infinity War - Trailer“All roads lead to this,” to steal the tag line from Fast and Furious 6.The infinity war is here and it looks nothing like any previous mainline avengers movie. Saturated like Guardians 2, big scale fight scenes (also like Guardians), oh and look, the Guardians of the Galaxy show up.Previous Avengers movies (by which I am including Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man) have been about characters first. That’s what has consistently separated the Marvel movies from, say, the DCEU. A focus on character. With this many characters. And fight scenes that look as grand as what we see, I worry that character is going to get lost.And I really do care about the characters. I care about Tony. About how he fought to bring everyone together, only to see it torn apart (by him!) in Civil War. I do hope that the characters come through. It’s not impossible (LOTR accomplishes this) but it’s much harder.Honestly, I’m optimistic. Marvel has given me no reason to doubt them so far. 
29.11.2017 - 16:10:25
david:Letter I just sent to my team ♥️ End of an era. Thank you...
david:Letter I just sent to my team ♥️ End of an era. Thank you for everything, David.Tumblr has always been my favorite social network (even has my participation has wained over the years). He is exactly right that it encouraged people to be more creative. That’s what made me excited about it. Facebook was not the behemoth it is today, and twitter only made sense over SMS. Tumblr was the only place I could find that was encouraging people to create and share. I loved every minute of my time here, and I have David to thank for that.I wish him the best in the future. 
27.11.2017 - 20:17:13
The Best Pumpkin Spice Product Ever Made
23.10.2017 - 15:26:44
New Mutants - TrailerOH MAN. I love this move to genre films set...
New Mutants - TrailerOH MAN. I love this move to genre films set in superhero worlds. first with Winter Soldier being a spy thriller, then Logan being more of a quiet western, and now New Mutants is a horror film.It really underscores just how sad it is that the mainline X-Men movies have gotten so off the rails by trying to be giant action fate-of-the-world movies. Smaller, more contained movies will always be more believable, and have more of an impact for me. This shift to making the superhero world the setting rather than the genre and making any kind of film you want has been my dream for Star Wars since it was acquired by Disney. I want Star Wars to get to a point where you can make, essentially, Fast Five in the Star Wars universe. I use Fast Five because it was huge at the box office, made for a broad audience, but at it’s core is a genre film. For those who haven’t seen it, a ragtag crew on the run from the local government wants to rob a drug lord who disrespected them so they break into a secure location. It’s a heist movie with family and fast cars. The story is small and very tight. You can set this movie on Coruscant, Corellia, Nar Shadda… anywhere. Instead of fast cars, our heroes would be on swoop bikes, and wielding antigravity tech, and a couple of droids. Maybe someone is Force sensitive, that would be an interesting dynamic (not a Jedi, but just has a little extra awareness). Not a single story beat, or character, would have any connection to any of the previous Star Wars films and certainly no one with Skywalker lineage.Star Wars becomes the setting, not the genre. I was hoping for a heist movie with Rogue One, but didn’t quite get it. (Don’t get me wrong, I did like it.) I was excited for a Han / Chewie / Lando buddy comedy for the Han Solo movie… but with the Phil Lord and Chris Miller fired I don’t know what we’re going to get.But just to get back to the superhero thing. Smaller movies don’t have to be genre films.  The first two X-Men and Spider-Man movies were ‘traditional’ superhero movies. Sure X-Men ended with a high profile fight at the statue of liberty, but New York City wasn’t destroyed. In Spider-Man 2 (arguably the best superhero movie of all time) A battle with Dr Octopus plays out across the city, but the story is personal for Peter. And while he stops a train from derailing and saves hundreds of lives, it’s earned because we saw Peter’s struggle thought the entire film.The wide net that recent X-Men movies have cast make it completely devoid of personality. And as they’ve gone back in time (First Class, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse) the’ve destroyed any canon they may have been holding on to so there isn’t even a sense of wonder for the characters I liked.I didn’t mean for this to end on a down note. I’m excited for New Mutants. I think doing genre films instead of traditional superhero movies is the right way to go, especially for the X-Films because there are just so many characters. I’m into it, and I hope the success of Logan and the (hopefully) success of New Mutants can elevate the story telling across all of the X-Men films.[via /Film]
13.10.2017 - 15:57:30
There is a Blade Runner Johnny Walker Black Label coming…...
There is a Blade Runner Johnny Walker Black Label coming… so… that’s a thing.
19.09.2017 - 15:26:09
I Want Microsoft To Build Kinect Into Their Controllers
Paul Miller just wrote a piece over at The Verge pointing out the similarities between the Kinect and the Notch in the new iPhone X. He notes that this is from June 2009:And this is from September 2017:It got me thinking about Kinect and the possibilities for an updated Kinect within the Xbox ecosystem. If you can shrink the technology to be so small that it fits in a cell phone, you can basically put it anywhere.I applauded Microsoft for including Kinect with every Xbox One (at launch) and then mourned it’s death when it was ripped out of the bundle so Microsoft could compete with Sony on price. I loved how it had the potential to change gaming… but people didn’t want another box below their TV and they found navigation with voice sometimes slower than with a controller.As voice assistants have gotten better, and more prevalent thanks to the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices there is even more of an opportunity for the Xbox to own voice on your TV. But I don’t think they’re going to sell people a 60-80 dollar camera/microphone array like the one from 2009.They should build it into the bottom of every new Xbox One controller.Seriously. Right there, next to the headphone jack and data port should be everything in the iPhone Notch. And build a microphone into the top somewhere. Maybe near the Xbox button.“But how does it work?” you’re asking. It’s simple. You just put the controller down. Put it down on the coffee table in front of you, or put it down at the base of the TV on the TV stand (exactly where a Kinect would be).You can pick up the controller to start playing a game and then put it down on your coffee table and say “Xbox open Kinectimles” (or whatever game you want to play) and then just start moving around. When you’re done, pick up the controller and use it like a controller.Yes, I’ve thought about the power needed. And this probably isn’t something an Xbox One or Xbox One S could do. But I think the Xbox One X could pull this off. By all accounts it has extra overhead power even while running games at 4K 60FPS . It could dedicate some of that power to interpreting the Kinect information coming from the controller. And by offloading those processes you won’t have to build in a new chipset into the controller, just the sensors.Just a thought. I’d love to see the Kinect come back. I think the technology is too good to let die. Maybe the Xbox One Z will be able to do something like this.-Creighton
17.09.2017 - 19:10:12
Oh, hi.
It’s been more than 2 full months since I’ve posted. I’m sorry about that. I love tumblr, I love the people on tumblr, and I really just can’t figure out how to quit you.I’ve had some work and life changes which kept me away, but I promise I’ll be back. I mean… there are three (3) new iPhones and a Google event in early October… How could I possibly stay away!
17.09.2017 - 18:37:08
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